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You’ve just arrived in Las Vegas and you’re ready to have the time of your life but first, you need to pick up a few things for your trip and you don’t want to pay the jacked-up prices on the Strip for everything (ie. water, beer, sunscreen, etc.) so you decide a quick run to a nearby Walmart is in order.

Having said that, however, there is not a Walmart store located directly on the Las Vegas Strip itself. Fortunately, the big-box retailer has some locations nearby that will get the job done without too much hassle.

There are three different Walmarts near the Las Vegas Strip. They are:

  • East Tropicana Avenue Walmart
  • West Charleston Walmart
  • South Rainbow Boulevard Walmart

Which one you choose will depend entirely upon the point you are starting from on the Strip.

I want to make things as convenient as possible for you so you have more time to enjoy all the fun attractions Vegas has to offer so I’ll quickly break things down, so you’ll know which hotels on or near the Strip are closest to which Walmart locations.

Also, be sure to download our free Las Vegas Strip Map as it will show you where all the hotels are located along the Strip.

The Walmart Nearest the Las Vegas Strip (How To Get There) - FeelingVegas (1)

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Inside this article:

Walmart Location Map

Walmart’s are the locations marked in red.

The Closest Walmart to the Strip (South End) – Tropicana Avenue

For the majority of Vegas visitors, the nearest and most convenient Walmart to the Strip is the Walmart Supercenter on Tropicana Ave.

StoreAddressStore HoursPhone #
3075 E Tropicana Ave
(google maps)
Open 24 hours
7 Days a Week

If you’re enjoying a Vegas stay on the south end of the Strip not far from the airport, then this is the Walmart that will be closest to you. The area is quite bustling, so you will definitely want to plan ahead as it may take some extra time to get over to the store.

Although it’s in relatively close proximity to the Strip (about 4.1 miles), all the people and traffic can make the trip take a little longer than you’d expect. The trip will generally take about 20 minutes from the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) and Tropicana. It’s not very far but there are a lot of traffic lights and the stoplights in Las Vegas have notoriously long wait times.

The closest hotels to the Tropicana Walmart are:

AriaNew York – New York
CosmopolitanPark MGM
Club WyndhamPlanet Hollywood
DelanoSignature at MGM Grand
ElaraTuscany Suites
Mandalay BayVirgin
MGM GrandWaldorf Astoria

Most of the hotels listed above are located right on the Strip! For the visitors who are staying near the Strip but not directly on it, I’ve got you covered there too. Some of the hotels listed above are just off the Strip and are actually a bit closer to Walmart than the Strip hotels.

The furthest hotel from the Strip is the Virgin Hotel, which is only a 3.7-mile drive from Walmart.

Note: This is the only Walmart near the Strip that is open 24 hours a day.

Tropicana Ave. Walmart Pharmacy Hours

The Tropicana Walmart is a Supercenter, so in addition to having groceries and everyday supplies, it also has a pharmacy.

If you need to have a medication called in by your doctor while you’re here or you have a prescription that’s been written, but you forgot to fill before leaving on your trip, you can do it here.

The pharmacy hours at this location are:

Monday – FridaySaturdaySunday
9 am – 9 pm9 am – 7 pm10 am – 6 pm

You can reach the Tropicana Walmart Pharmacy directly at 702-433-4834.

The Closest Walmart to the Strip (North End) – West Charleston Boulevard

For those who happen to be staying on the north end of the Vegas Strip, I’d recommend a visit to the West Charleston Boulevard Walmart.

StoreAddressStore HoursPhone #
4505 W Charleston Blvd
(google maps)
6 am – Midnight
7 Days a Week

While there isn’t as much traffic congestion as you’d get at the south end of the Strip, it’s still Las Vegas and we’re still near the Strip, so people and traffic are to be expected no matter where you are.

Just like the Tropicana Walmart, there are a great number of hotels in the vicinity of the West Charleston Boulevard Walmart. Some of them are also directly on the Strip, while others are located just off the Strip.

The furthest two hotels from this Walmart will be the Flamingo and Caesar’s Palace (4.3 miles), which end up being a 20-minute drive on average.

The West Charleston Walmart is your best choice if you’re staying at or near any of these hotels:

Circus CircusResorts World
Harrah’sTreasure Island
Hilton Grand VacationTrump
Palace StationWestin

The West Charleston location is also a Walmart Supercenter. So, fear not when wondering if they will have what you’re looking for.

Unlike, the Tropicana location, however, the W. Charleston Blvd Walmart is not open 24hrs. If you need something after midnight you’ll still need to head to the Tropicana Walmart location.

West Charleston Walmart Pharmacy Hours

The West Charleston Walmart also has a pharmacy for any prescription needs. Their hours are:

Monday – FridaySaturdaySunday
9 am – 9 pm9 am – 7 pm10 am – 6 pm

You can reach the West Charleston Walmart Pharmacy directly at 702-258-5075.

The Closest Walmart to the Strip (South West of I-15) – South Rainbow Boulevard

The South Rainbow Boulevard Walmart is convenient for those that are staying off the Strip on the west side of Interstate 15.

StoreAddressStore HoursPhone #
3615 S Rainbow Blvd
(google maps)
6 am – Midnight
7 Days a Week

This Walmart Supercenter is not too far from the Strip but is on the west side of the I-15 freeway which makes it a great location for a number of specific hotels.

Some of the major hotels that are located nearby this Walmart are:

Club de SoleilThe Palms
Extended Stay America – Valley ViewRio
Gold CoastWestgate Flamingo Bay Resort
The Orleans

As you can see from the table above that this store is open 7 days a week until midnight. You can definitely get everything you need for most of the day and evening, but the middle of the night trips are a no-go with this store.

As with the others, this location includes a pharmacy, a photo center, grocery pickup, and a vision center. It even has a McDonald’s and a hair salon inside!

South Rainbow Walmart Pharmacy Hours

The pharmacy is open 7 days a week for your convenience and the hours are as follows:

Monday – FridaySaturdaySunday
9 am – 9 pm9 am – 7 pm10 am – 6 pm

You can reach the South Rainbow Walmart Pharmacy directly at 702-367-6113.

One Other Walmart Location Near the Strip

There is one other Walmart location near the Strip that’s worth mentioning. On occasion, it could suit your needs better if you’re heading to the Strip from elsewhere and want to stop by on your way.

South Eastern Boulevard Walmart

This Walmart location is on the east side ofHarry Reid International Airport (formerly McCarran Airport).

StoreAddressStore HoursPhone #
6005 S Eastern Ave
(google maps)
6 am – Midnight
7 Days a Week

While the store is a Supercenter it is only open until midnight so you’ll need to plan your visit accordingly. There is a pharmacy as well on-site and its hours of operation are M – F 9 am to 9 pm, Saturday from 9 am till 7 pm and Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm.

The pharmacy number at this location is 702-451-0774

This location is a little less convenient to get to from the Strip than the other locations mentioned above. but it is nearby so I wanted to mention it.

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Final Thoughts

Everyone has those typical items they need for their trip, the necessities, the everyday stuff that is just simply required for life. And if you’re anything like me, you will absolutely forget at least one of these things before leaving for the trip.

Maybe even more, which is why stores like Walmart make it simple and allow you to not have to worry about whether you can get what you need.

All of the Walmart’s on this list are Supercenters which means you’re getting a bigger store with more to offer while having locations that are open up to 24hrs.

The added benefits that a Walmart Supercenter has to offer, like having a pharmacy, bakery, grocery pickup, and more, will take all the guesswork out of deciding where to shop on your trip or otherwise. Make it an easy choice without the worry.

A vacation to Las Vegas is a spectacular thing, and it’s good to know that you won’t have to go without if you’ve forgotten something at home. Having multiple Walmart locations close to the Las Vegas Strip means you can easily get what you need and get back to your vacation pronto!

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The Walmart Nearest the Las Vegas Strip (How To Get There) - FeelingVegas (2024)


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