MOC Frequently Asked Questions (2024)

MOC Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to recertify?
    If you would like to stay board certified, and you were originally certified after 1995, than yes, you will have to fulfill the maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements. If you took your child and adolescent psychiatry boards before 1995 you are considered “grandfathered in” and do not have to participate in the MOC program.

  2. What is the application deadline for the next recertification?
    The application deadline for 2016 exams is November 3, 2015 (late deadline is December 1, 2015) for child and adolescent psychiatry examinations taking place between April 18-22, 2016 and April 1, 2016 (late deadline is May 2, 2016) for child and adolescent psychiatry examinations taking place between October 31-November 4, 2016.

  3. What happens if an individual fails to complete the requirements of the MOC Program before his/her deadline?
    If an individual does not recertify before their certificate expires they are no longer board certified in that area. Board recertification can be regained when MOC requirements are completed and the MOC examination is passed.

  4. If I hold more than one certification, do I need to complete MOC activities for each certification?
    If a diplomate is certified in two or more areas, any CME, SA, and PIP activities completed in one area of specialization/subspecialization may accrue and count for multiple certifications.

  5. What are the MOC requirements?
    Individuals certified or recertified before 2012 are in the 10-Year MOC Program. Requirements include:
    24 CME credits from SA
    300 Category 1 CME credits (including 24 from SA, 150 in previous 5-year block)
    1 completed PIP Unit

    Individuals certified or recertified in 2012 or later are in the Continuous MOC (C-MOC) Program. Each 3-year cycle includes the following requirements:
    24 CME credits from SA
    90 Category 1 CME credits (including 24 from SA)
    1 PIP Unit

    See for more information on MOC requirements.

  6. How do I fulfill the Maintenance of Certification – “Evidence of self-assessment” requirement?
    AACAP has developed a series of written modules comprising of recently released, clinically relevant journal articles and book chapters. Each module contains a pre- and post-test and have been ABPN-approved for SA and CME credit.

    AACAP also offers an Annual Meeting Self-Assessment Exam available for both attendees and non-attendees. The exam consists of a 100-question online examination designed to help practicing child and adolescent psychiatrists assess their level of knowledge regarding current psychiatric practice and clinical advances in the field.

    Also available in conjunction with the Annual Meeting, AACAP offers a SA Workshop that allow participants to engage in live multiple choice question-based discussions lead by expert clinicians. This workshop will also let participants document strengths in specific practice areas, identify opportunities for improvement, and focus on goals and form a framework for a professional development plan, all while earning ABPN-approved SA and CME credit.

  7. Where can I purchase the Lifelong Learning Module?
    Visit our online publication store or call Quentin Bernhard III, CME Manager, at 202.587.9675 and place your order over the phone.

  8. What is the cost of the module?
    AACAP Members: $198 (includes $18 for shipping and handling)
    Non-Members: $238 (includes $18 for shipping and handling)

  9. How do I receive CME credit for completing the module?
    Completion of a pre-test and a passing score of 70% or higher on the post-test is required to receive CME credit. Complete instructions regarding how to complete your Module exams online will be included with the module.

  10. When will each new module be available?
    Each new module will be available in October.

  11. How long are modules available?
    The modules are available for three years after their date of publication.

  12. When is the Annual Meeting Self-Assessment Exam available and how much does it cost?
    The Exam is available from August to November each year. The Exam is free to all Annual Meeting attendees and is available to members and non-members for $100 and $200 respectively.

  13. How do I fulfill the Maintenance of Certification – “Evidence of improvement in practice” requirement?
    AACAP’s Lifelong Learning Committee has developed a series of checklists and surveys to help members complete the clinical and feedback modules of this requirement. These tools (available to AACAP members only) can be downloaded by visiting our website our PIP homepage.

  14. Is AACAP the only outlet for completion of the CME, SA, and PIP requirements?
    No, please contact the ABPN for other approved programs that count towards your MOC requirements.

  15. How can I keep track of everything I’ve completed towards my MOC requirements?
    Sign up and log in to the ABPN’s Physician Folios. The Physician Folios offers a single source to store all information pertinent to a physician during all the various stages of their relationship with the ABPN. Additionally, use the Folios to make updates to personal contact information, update your medical license information, and apply and pay for examinations.

MOC Frequently Asked Questions (2024)


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