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Performance materials that look and feel like luxury materials. Apparel that looks as good at dinner as it does on the tee box.


99.9% of golf shirts look like golf shirts. And that’s ok…on the golf course. But when I leave the course to go to dinner, run an errand, or meet a friend, I’d prefer that I not look like I’m making the turn. This is why the shirts in my closet are divided into “Shirts I Wear to Golf” and “Shirts I Wear Everywhere Else.”

Dunning Golf has threatened my closet’s organization by making some of the only golf apparel I’ve worn that looks as good off the course as it does on the course. And, lest I bury the lead, it’s also some of best performing apparel on the market.


“Engineered for Athletes. Designed for Players.” is Dunning Golf’s tagline. That would be easy to dismiss as idle talk if the company’s founder, Ralph Dunning, was not a veteran of the cycling and triathlon world, including multiple Ironman races (check out an interview with Ralph HERE). Don’t let the classic looks fool you, this is technical apparel that is built to perform on the course.

One of the most unique things about Dunning Golf is that players are given the choice between pique and jersey polo shirts. If you’re not sure what that means, that’s because every other brand just says, “Here’s what our shirt is made of. Deal with it.” Dunning Golf, however, realizes that different players want different things. If you prefer a lighter weight shirt with more breathability, the pique will be your choice (the striped polo above). The jersey fabric (green polo) is more similar to your average golf shirt, but it’s a much heavier and higher quality fabric. Watch this video HERE to get Ralph’s explanation of the differences.

Regardless of which material you choose, the cut of Dunning Golf apparel is exceptionally well thought out. I would describe the cut as “American Athletic;” it fits somewhere in between the big, shapeless cuts and the super skinny Euro/fashion cuts. The body of the shirt allows for movement, but it has a slight taper to it that gives the shirt shape. The sleeves fall just short of the elbow and allow some breathing room, even for those with thicker arms. It’s a cut that is clearly rooted in performance, but without sacrificing visual appeal.


Timeless. Elegant. Classic. Clean.

These are some of the words I would use to describe the style of Dunning Golf. Their apparel is not plastered with logos (the small label above is the only visible logo on any of the pieces I reviewed), nor is all about dyed-to-match everything in the latest color. As a result, anything you get from Dunning Golf is going to look as good in five or ten years as it does today.


Overall, Dunning Golf is priced just slightly above your average golf apparel brands, but still well below some of the “high end” brands. The Merino Sweater I reviewed retails for $125, and the pique and jersey polo shirts cost $95 and $89, respectively.

Despite being a little more expensive than your typical golf shirt, I think the quality of the apparel makes it an excellent value. The ability to wear these pieces off the course means that you’ll get more use out of them, and the quality ensures that they will keep looking great even after many washings.


Due to its unique combination of performance and wear-anywhere style, Dunning Golf is my among my favorite golf apparel companies. The style is definitely not for those who want to be trendy, but if you prefer a classic look, Dunning Golf is worth checking out.

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Dunning Golf Apparel Review - Plugged In Golf (2024)


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